At Luziber we have specialists dedicated to different areas and sectors of activity, with a special focus on:

• Architectural lighting
• Residential lighting
• Lighting of commercial spaces, hotels, tourism, large areas.
• Decorative indoor and outdoor lighting.
• "Turnkey" solutions, where we guarantee the renovation and execution of the entire lighting project of our customers, with rigor and professionalism.
• In partnership with certified companies, we present projects in our area, in strict compliance with the legal standards and certifications in force.

Now, we also sell PPE - Personal protective equipment.

We seek to have the solution that meets the requirements of our customers and partners.
We strongly bet on innovation. We don't want to be just one more.
We face the future with confidence, but with the awareness that the level of demand is increasing.
What for some is an obstacle, for us is a challenge.

This is the path we intend to follow.